Jash Sen’s first memories of reading were of leafing through a hard-bound copy of her grandfather’s illustrated Ramayan on his four poster bed.

Ignoring an opportunity to read English, Jash graduated in Statistics, then completed her MBA from IIM, Calcutta. She worked in the IT industry in Bangalore and the U.S. before opting to teach Mathematics in a London high school. This was when she started writing in her free time in earnest.

She began The Wordkeepers Trilogy in December 2010. The Wordkeepers, the first book in the series, was published in January 2013 and its sequel, Skyserpents, in October 2013. She is currently working on the third and final book of the trilogy –Soul Army.

Jash recently concluded a translation of the early twentieth century Bengali adventure classic, The Yaksha’s Treasure, by Shri Hemendra Kumar Roy, a doyen of the YA genre among Bengali writers. The story remains a personal favourite of hers. Other than this, she has written the odd article for newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Praise for The Wordkeepers:

Sen’s storytelling is both fast and layered … This is a delightful book. – The Telegraph.

There is not one dull moment. I kept turning page after page, wanting to know what happens next.’ – Saffron Tree

Riveting and unforgettable. Can’t wait for the next book! – Amish Tripathi.


Praise for Skyserpents:

Spinning a mythological dream … The various narratives and sub-plots are neatly stitched together in her books’ – The Hindu


17 Replies to “About”

  1. I really really love your books- ‘The Wordkeepers’ and the ‘Sky Serpants . I have just finished the second part and I am desperately waiting for the final book. I just wanted to tell you that after reading your books I am a great fan of your writings. Are you planning to write more books? Thank you

  2. I really love your books! You are an amazing storyteller!!! The way you weave the story is so beautiful and captivating! I am eagerly waiting for Soul Army!! Keep writing amazing stuff!

  3. I have read your Wordkeepers and skyserpents .
    Amazing!!! way of story telling and I really liked both. Waiting (since 2015) for the “Soul Army”..

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